Other plugins involved in gameplay include:

  • iConomy – Our main economy plugin on the server.
    • To sell an item to the server type /sell hand while holding the item.
    • To view your balance type /money.
    • To see the top balances on the server, type /money top.
  • Elevators – Elevators in Minecraft?!
    • To make a basic elevator, put a red carpet on top of light gray wool and put another one on top or below it. Shift (crouch) to go down a level and jump to go up.
  • RandomTeleport – Need to find somewhere for your Town?
    • To randomly teleport, use /rtp as much as you’d like. (It does have a cooldown, though.)
  • DynMap – A live map of the server’s world online.
    • The map is located at http://gg-mc.co/map/. On it, you can see the borders of towns and protected regions.
  • SilkSpawners – Collect any mob spawner.
    • All you have to do to collect mob spawners is break them with a silk touch pickaxe! Then they will pop in to your inventory.
  • AuctionHouse – In game auctioning system.
    • We have an auctioning system in game! To view items up for sale simply type /ah in chat. To sell an item in the auction, type /ah sell <Price>. If your items don’t sell, don’t worry! They’re not gone. Type /ah expired. To see what you are selling type /ah selling.