Custom Crafting

Our server has many useful custom crafting recipes. Here they all are. If you would like, you can suggest recipes to our discord suggestions channel or to staff when they are online and we will consider adding them! Please note that mcMMO also adds craftable items.

  • Rabbit Hide:

    • Rabbit hide can be made by smelting rotten flesh in a furnace
  • Grass Blocks:

    • Grass blocks can be made by placing long grass in the crafting table along with dirt.
  • Dirt (Yes, we have a recipe for dirt.):

    • Coarse Dirt can be converted to dirt by placing it in a crafting table.
  • Dried Leather

    • Dried leather is made by putting regular leather in a furnace.
  • Toughened Leather:

    • Toughened leather is a crafting component in a saddle and can be made by placing 9 dried leather in the crafting table.
  • Saddle:

    • A saddle can be made by placing toughened leather in the shape of a leather helmet and adding iron below.