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Double mcMMO XP weekend!

Hello, all! For the duration of the weekend, all mcMMO experience gain is being doubled, which means more XP for everyone! Enjoy! For Citizen+, this double XP modifier stacks with the +20% XP gain you already have.

The Marauder Event is over!

The Marauder Event has officially ended! Congratulations to Daydon, Tris, and SacredAsh on being the first three to challenge and defeat the Marauder, and thank you to everyone else who participated! This event will return in February, so stay tuned for that announcement.

Marauder Event is now live!

Hello, all! I’m excited to announce the first Marauder Event! This monthly event is a scavenger hunt involving the trio of dimensional monsters: the Light Prowler, Hell Scourge, and Soul Devourer (read more about them here). The goal is simple: the first 3 players to obtain a bronze, silver, and gold event token dropped by… Read more »