Rules & Tips

Hello, welcome to GG-MC Towny! We ask that you read this whole page before playing on our server and check back here regularly. Yes, it is a lot of information but it is very helpful. Thanks!

~The GG-MC Team


  1. No exploiting glitches.
  2. Respect all other players.
  3. Anything that happens on your account is your responsibility.
  4. Do not ask for free items, promotions, or bonus plots.
  5. No PvP without the consent of each player involved.
  6. Do not steal from or grief other players in your town (or anyone) whether the land is protected or not.
  7. No hacking or x-ray mods are allowed.
  8. You may not use alternate accounts to get bonus plots, play fairly and buy them with in game money.


  1. No swearing in chat. Keep it PG.
  2. Please only use English in chat, it is easier for us to moderate that way.
  3. No spamming or advertising other servers in chat.

(All of the above rule also apply to private channels and messages.)


  1. No obscene structures. They will be removed.
  2. Do not build near another town. We would like to give all towns the opportunity to freely expand as much as they would like. Plus, there is a whole world out there complete with a live map and the RandomTeleport plugin to help you find a spot to build.
  3. Even though there is no way to claim spawn, If you do manage to do it your claim will be deleted.
  4. Do not build, mine, or claim an outpost/any land on the main end island. If any land is found to be claimed on the main end island it will be unclaimed and any structures will be deleted.


  1. On our server, we use essentials economy. You can make money by selling items using /sell hand while holding the item you would like to sell.
  2. If you wish to build a mob grinder, pick a plot (chunk) and type /plot toggle mobs to allow mobs to spawn there.
  3. The best way to get in contact with staff if you need them and they’re not online is to @ them on our discord server. You should get a pretty speedy response.
  4. It will help you to look over our wiki because we use a lot of game changing plugins like Towny, mcMMO, jobs, custom crafting, custom mobs, custom items, shops, and some others.
  5. Everyone on our server can use /fly to get around easily; It isn’t some special perk (everyone can use /hat too)!
  6. Choosing not to follow the rules will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to demotion or a ban.

What happens when you are permanently banned:

  • Your ban will be listed forever on GG-MC.CO/Bans.
  • Your inventory and ender chest will be dropped for players in the town in which you reside.
  • If you own a town, it will be given to the next-in-command. If there is no next-in-command we will either auction it to another player who resides in the town or erase it.
  • If you own a nation, it will be given to the next-in-command. If there is no next-in-command we will either auction it to another player who resides in the capital town, a leader of a member town, or erase it.

Discord Rules:

  • All chat rules from above apply in all discord channels except the unmoderated voice and chat channels. If you wish to be added to the unmoderated channels, ask an OP.
  • Do not change your nick name in discord to imitate any staff member or player. You will be removed from the discord server.

There are a total of 15 in-game rules.

These rules are subject to change. Last revised January 19, 2018.