Dasky’s Ramblings: A Second Towny Server

Hi all,

I have drawn inspiration from some other minecraft gamemodes/plugins and would like to propose some changes. I would like to make a second towny server that resets every 6 months. We would keep track of the top towns based on land claimed. Towny has a command to track this (/towny top land town). At every reset, we would see what town has the top score and the mayor would be given a title on the next map or they could choose another member of their town to take the title. We may add some rewards but that is my basic idea. I feel like this could be a fun addition because it would promote town growth and competition. Maybe we could even have Towny wars at reset time 😉 . Another idea I had was to start off with a smaller world border and expand as we need it.

To be clear – nothing on the existing Towny server would change. The world would not be reset, but it would just be put on to a separate server called Towny 2. The new server, Towny 1, would be an exact clone of T2 besides the map. It would have the same plugins and staff and you would keep the rank you have on T2. In preparation for this to happen, I have added a new command: /s. This new command will bring up a server selector GUI to easily switch between servers. We may also come out with a direct IP to the Towny 2 server like T2.gg-mc.co or Towny2.gg-mc.co because the main IP would default to the new server- we’ll see when we get there.

TL;DR: I want to launch a second Towny server that resets regularly and is more of a competition style.

The new server selector GUI. It is accessed using /s. The grass block is Towny 1, the wood is Towny 2, and the barrier is reserved for something later :)!


Please do leave feedback in the #feedback channel on the discord. There is also a poll below on this idea.

Things I need suggestions for:

  • A name for the title that is rewarded to the leader of the top town.
  • 2nd and 3rd place prizes.
  • Prize for nation that wins the war (something similar to the main prize, like a title for the leader on the next map or something).
Dasky’s Ramblings: A Second Towny Server

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