Marauder Event is now live!

Hello, all! I’m excited to announce the first Marauder Event! This monthly event is a scavenger hunt involving the trio of dimensional monsters: the Light Prowler, Hell Scourge, and Soul Devourer (read more about them here). The goal is simple: the first 3 players to obtain a bronze, silver, and gold event token dropped by the Light Prowler, Hell Scourge, and Soul Devourer respectively will earn the chance to fight the exclusive Forbidden Marauder.

This event will run from January 16 – January 23, 2018. If no one reaches the goal before the deadline, then there is no winner and no one will fight the Forbidden Marauder. All players are expected to explore each dimension and gather their tokens for themselves. Attempting to steal, trade, or buy event tokens will disqualify you and anyone else involved for the rest of the current event. The first 3 players to present all 3 event tokens to Binomial will be deemed winners and will get the chance to fight the Marauder.

Beating the Marauder will grant you the helmet needed to complete the Battle Armor set (read more here). If you die in the fight, you will have to collect more tokens before the event ends if you want a rematch.

As stated before, this event is monthly. If you don’t win this time, you’ll still be able to try again the next month. Similarly, any winners of previous events are still allowed to participate as much as they please.

Happy hunting!