Important Update, Please Read.

Hey Guys,

Today, we have made the tough decision that we are going to shut down the minecraft server for a (hopefully) short time to address some major security concerns. Due to the nature of the concerns, we are not able to disclose any further information about them. The current plan has the server up until Saturday the 21st, and then the downtime will begin. We are working with our host to find out how long this could take to resolve – hopefully not long. Right now we seem to be looking at about 3-5 weeks. Don’t delete us from your server list! We will be back! The website will still be online during the downtime so look on here or on the discord server for updates on this situation. During the downtime, we will disable towny daily upkeep payments along with the plugin that purges inactive player accounts so don’t worry about losing your progress – it’s all safe. Hopefully the server will come back better and more secure than ever!


We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you all on GG-MC again soon,



EDIT: Also, the daily town/nation upkeep has already been disabled. So enjoy a few days without having to worry about upkeep!