Announcing the new Citizen+ rank!

Are you tired of being a normal citizen? Now you have a chance to get promoted to be a Citizen+! Citizen+ can do everything a normal citizen can do and more!

Please Note: Citizen+ is a merit based rank. There is no set time to get it, we will give it to you when we see fit.

Some features include:

  • A private chat channel just for Citizen+ (/c or /cp)
  • Access your enderchest from anywhere with /ec.
  • Craft anywhere with /wb.
  • Keep all of your  XP on death.
  • Change the time (for yourself) with /ptime <day/night>.
  • Change the weather (for yourself) with /pweather <sun/storm/rain>.
  • Inspect other player’s mcMMO abilities from anywhere with /inspect <player>
  • Extra mcMMO XP! (+20%)
  • Have up to 5 jobs instead of 3!