Category: New Features

Custom Mobs are now fully implemented! (3/3)

Just giving a quick update on the whole custom mobs situation. We have finally got it working correctly on the development server and are moving it in to production as I write this! Suggestions for custom mobs? Go on to our discord and put them in the #suggestions channel. A complete list of new mobs… Read more »

Update on Custom Mobs (2/3)

The custom mobs page has been updated with the latest information on the custom mobs currently on the server. If you have any suggestions/feedback, feel free to tell us in the suggestions channel on Discord or in-game. Easier access to the custom mobs page is on the way, as well.

Custom Mobs (1/3)

We are very excited to announce that we will be adding custom mobs and more custom items to the server. We have mobs that drop all kinds of things from powerful weapons to in game currency! They even tie in to mcMMO! We will have a list of new mobs on the site soon (it… Read more »