Welcome to our server!

We have worked hard to make GG-MC Towny an awesome, fun, and safe Minecraft server. We use some awesome plugins on our server that completely change gameplay. On the server, you can make money by selling items to the server/other players and signing up for jobs. Once you have enough money to start and maintain… Read more »

Important Update, Please Read.

Hey Guys, Today, we have made the tough decision that we are going to shut down the minecraft server for a (hopefully) short time to address some major security concerns. Due to the nature of the concerns, we are not able to disclose any further information about them. The current plan has the server up… Read more »

New Maps Page

Hey! The maps page has been updated to include the new skyblock server. We have also added a spot for Towny 1 once it launches. The Towny 2 map will remain offline for a while while we decide how to go about making it take up less storage space.

Dasky’s Ramblings: A Second Towny Server

Hi all, I have drawn inspiration from some other minecraft gamemodes/plugins and would like to propose some changes. I would like to make a second towny server that resets every 6 months. We would keep track of the top towns based on land claimed. Towny has a command to track this (/towny top land town)…. Read more »

Double mcMMO XP weekend!

Hello, all! For the duration of the weekend, all mcMMO experience gain is being doubled, which means more XP for everyone! Enjoy! For Citizen+, this double XP modifier stacks with the +20% XP gain you already have.

The Marauder Event is over!

The Marauder Event has officially ended! Congratulations to Daydon, Tris, and SacredAsh on being the first three to challenge and defeat the Marauder, and thank you to everyone else who participated! This event will return in February, so stay tuned for that announcement.

Donations Now Open

If you like playing on our server and would like to support us you can now donate here! Right now, you get a title and a golden [$] in chat. We are going to be adding more EULA compliant perks soon. When we add features, all players who have previously donated will also have access… Read more »

Minecraft 1.13

Well it looks like the Minecraft 1.13 update is right around the corner and I wanted to tell you all some of our concerns about it. First off, we will not update to 1.13 as soon as it is released. Some of our plugins – especially the plugin that controls the prices of items –… Read more »